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Apart from the above displayed products our company has developed a new output manufacture designed by “Otto Bock– German partnering company ” (Silicon liners).
Designer – «Otto Bock»
Manufacturer – “Dan Simon” Institute

As innovated product offered by “Otto Bock” company and applied by “Dan Simon” Institute the up-to-date Silicon liner has found the patients’ acceptance. The distinctive features specified in the quality list of this item are its lightweight and comfortable design, its ability to prevent prosthetic frictions and its softness allow to use it almost without any physical sense.

The company has launched new output manufacturing for invalids who underwent lower part of leg (i.e. foot) amputation. The solid and flexible prosthetic’s plate enables light “elastic” step for its user, who can experience its safeness, comfort and dynamics during the walk mainly by the virtue of light weight of the item.
    “RHEO KNEE”     the unit designed by the Dutch company “OSSUR” is another exhibited achievement.
Let’s rest our gaze on this unit. Its name is derived from the expression     “TRIBE OF POWER”. This product is a prize winner of great number of exhibitions and contests in “Health” group. It was awarded with a special price in the name of “Science”, international magazine, since this prosthetic was the first advance technology product of such high level. (In order to win prize such factors as quality of the output, ready to use and the product’s innovation should be taking into consideration). The scientists titled this project “Propriocepto”. This definition derives its name from the phrase “being in its place” while the prosthetic itself was called     “PROPRIO LEG”.
The designers of this product describe their output as follows: “This prosthetic is the first world innovation activated by a special engine and artificial brain, i.e. quintessence of electronics, mechanics and human physiology that diminishes patient’s energy consumption”.
    PROPRIO LEG – substitutes the amputated leg’s muscle thus enabling the patient to accomplish his daily functions. The complex chip technology substitutes body receptors. The patented artificial intellect (A1) processes the information, activates the best opt for the next step. By the virtue of the aforementioned process the patients is able to handle with a long distance walk making his smooth steps without the fatigue experience he used have in the past. When the patient encounters ether staircase or inclined surface the artificial knee is bending smoothly, making safe and natural lift. Experience reveals that the present design enables the patients with leg prosthetic (higher then knee high) to get on a car without obstacles.
However the most prominent object of the designers’ and manufacturers’ pride is opportunity for the patients to participate in international the para- Olympic Games for invalids.

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